From identification to placement, Nancy Rothenberg, Esq. is dedicated to guiding parents of children with special needs through every aspect of the special education process.


She helps parents in the identification process by finding appropriate evaluators; explaining the meaning and implication of reports; reviewing all documentation relevant to the child; referring parent to appropriate providers, schools and programs; and most importantly settling or litigating for funding or reimbursement of school/program tuition.


Nancy’s knowledge is extensive from Early Intervention to Post High School options.  She maintains close relationships with the premier professionals in the field of child development, autism, learning disabilities and mental health.


She represents every child as though they were our own.  She is extremely accessible to her clients, responsive to their concerns and available to answer questions and explain the process.


Nancy works with the parents of children who have a variety of diagnoses and classifications, all of which impact on their development and educational opportunities.  Children who come from loving homes where their parents are closely involved in their education and lives,  who require specific and individual program, placement and related services to address their individual needs.


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